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Cure Yourself through Knowledge

This website is dedicated to revealing the Truth about Cancer and the Truth that Cancer is Curable by providing a list of resources related to treating cancer naturally.  There is a significant body of knowledge both published and on the internet, that is mostly suppressed by conventional medicine, on how to heal cancer using natural methods.  A number of courageous individuals including doctors, natural healers, and medical researchers have bucked the system to uncover and publish information on these alternative healing approaches.  There has been significant opposition from the Traditional Medical Establishment to keep these treatments suppressed from the general public.

Bill Henderson,
Medical Researcher on Alternative Cures for Cancer

Bill wrote the book on becoming “Cancer-Free” and has published other writings as well. Check out his website.  His book is available on his web-site or on Amazon.com.  His web site has a wealth of information on alternative cancer treatments and his newsletter is a must read.


Ty Bollinger   

Ty is another medical researcher into the subject of Natural Cures for Cancer. He has written a book called – “Cancer: Step Out of the Box” which does a great job at outlining a vast number of approaches to natural treatments for cancer. His book is available on Amazon.com, BN.com and other book selling websites on the internet.


Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Dr. Scott-Mumby has written an e-book entitled, “Cancer Research Secrets”, which details a wealth of alternatives for treating cancer naturally.  Go to his site to purchase it online.


http://www.alternative-doctor.com/cancer/    A great list of alternative natural treatments for cancer with descriptions and other valuable information.

 Dr. Richard Schultz

Dr. Richard Schultz is a tremendous health evangelist who has helped many people naturally heal cancer.  Check out his web blog on his site for testimonials and great stories about healing. He provides a great book online and in paperback about healing “incurable” diseases.  Get his book on Curing Incurable Diseases and his book, Be Calm, Get Healthy.  His motto is: “there are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”  This man is an inspiration to all those who seek natural healing from disease.  His herbal formulas are the best around.


Dr. Schultz’s Health Blog


Cancer Winners Website and Book

An amazing story of a 37 year old woman who, within weeks, perhaps even days, of her death from terminal melanoma cancer, found the strength to start doing the Gerson Cancer Therapy and fully recovered her health and went on to live to 75 years old.


Cancer Defeated website

This website and e-newsletter is dedicated to publishing useful information on natural healing of cancer.  Sign up for the free ezine and buy their information books about the topic of natural cancer treatments.



Cancer is Curable Now online video and TrulyHeal.com site

The original Cancer is Curable now film trailer (the original film has been revised to be more educational – see below)


The original Cancer is Curable full length documentary – absolutely amazing!


An incredible online updated video that will detail the truth about how to Cure Cancer.


Truly Heal is a site with lots of powerful information about healing cancer without conventional medicine. The producer of Cancer is Curable now created the Truly Heal website


Cancer Tutor web site

An incredibly powerful website on how to cure cancer via a variety of protocols.  This site is the most comprehensive and one of the most heavily read alternative/natural cancer cure sites on the internet.


Independent Cancer Research Foundation

This site, new-cancer-treatments.org, is associated with Cancer Tutor.com and has a wealth of information on curing cancer naturally and has specific information (as does Cancer Tutor.com) for people who have already had conventional cancer treatments.



Cancer-Success.com   –   Bob Davis  – Cancer Survivor

A rich site of natural cancer healing information.  This site is no longer
on the internet but is archived.  A great story and lots of easy to understand information.


Heal yourself at home.com                                                                           

A very comprehensive site on healing disease including cancer.



A wealth of information based on a true life recovery from a serious cancer illness.  Excellent ebook for sale called “100 Cancer Remedies”.  Other excellent materials for sale on the site as well.



An excellent real life overview of getting control and overcoming of a late stage (death-bed) cancer and descriptions of the self-treatments done by this individual.


Dr. William Kelley – Natural Cancer Treatment pioneer.

Excellent web site with a wonderful testimonial from one of Dr. Kelley’s terminal cancer patients who was completely cured.  Also has a copy of Dr. Kelley’s book, “One Answer to Cancer”.  Dr. Kelley treated over 33,000 patients with cancer with over a 90 % success rate.


Copy of Dr. Kelley’s book, “One Answer to Cancer” online.


Andreas Moritz – natural healer

Andreas has written several books on Natural Healing including the book, “Cancer is not a Disease, It is a Survival Mechanism.”  A must read.  He has a number of valuable short videos on cancer on his site.


Walter Last  – healer, health researcher and writer

Walter has created a brilliant website full of articles on healing disease including Cancer and an ebook titled, “Overcoming Cancer”.



Dr. Lorraine Day

A courageous Orthopedic surgeon who chose to heal her breast cancer through natural methods. She has put together a wonderful website and developed audio and written material on healing cancer.  Her audio recording, “Cancer doesn’t Scare me anymore.” is excellent.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Coldwell has written an outstanding book called, “The Only Answer to Cancer”.  His website has lots of excellent information on cancer.  Dr. Coldwell ran clinics in Germany with high success rates in curing cancer.


The Best Years in Life website

This website has a bunch of excellent articles on natural treatments for Cancer. Tony Isaacs has written a powerful and comprehensive ebook on treating cancer naturally called “Cancer’s Natural Enemy”.

www.rose-laurel.com    for more about this ebook

Website links:


http://www.tbyil.com/Cancer_Alternatives.htm     index of articles on Alternative Cancer Treatments



Dr. Michael Johnson

Dr. Johnson has a comprehensive website full of videos and other information.  He provides medical assessments and advice for boosting immune systems and detoxifying people who have cancer.



A comprehensive site of information including a wonderful video film about alternative, natural ways to cure cancer.

www.indiegogo.com/projects/233840       Video Trailer of the movie


icurecancer.ning.com/       Community site

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Oil) Cure

Watch this amazing Video of someone who cured himself of terminal liver and bowel cancer.  Look into this option of Cannabis (Hemp) Oil.  Lots of amazing cure stories on the internet.


Rick Simpson’s famous Run from the Cure video on the Cannabis Cure for Cancer



A great site by a woman who cured her terminal cancer by natural methods.


How to Beat Cancer Honestly – Interview


Dave the Raw Food trucker videos and web site – Amazing health recovery success story  – Dave had all sorts of health challenges including cancer and beat them all with Raw Food.


Watch this great interview with Dave plus see lots of other great Videos on YouTube with Dave and on Raw Food.



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