The Cancer Healing Success Formula                                                                                       

Alkalize the Body – raise the pH of your body to an alkaline level through alkaline foods and other methods.

Detoxify your Body – cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, blood and the rest of your body using things like colonics, enemas, herbal flushes, saunas and other detox techniques.

Positive Thinking  –  attitude plays a key role in recovery and healing

Enrich the Body with Strong and Live Nutrition  – your body is suffering from malnourishment, it needs a power boost of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and living plant food (vegetables and fruits).

Boost your Immune System – Herbs like Echinachea and a whole host of other nutritional supplements can give your immune system a mega boost.

Oxygenate your Body and Cells  – there a myriad of ways to up the oxygenation of your body.  Most human beings suffer from bad oxygenation in their bodies.

Movement and Circulation  –  exercise and movement are the key to regaining health.

Unblock the Body’s Energy Flow  – things like stretching, yoga, accupuncture help the body get back it’s natural ability to be energized and flow energy throughout the body properly.

Raise Mood Levels and Reduce Stress  – reducing stress and raising one’s mood level are critical for healing.





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