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This page has more resources to help you understand how to treat cancer naturally.

Healing Cancer Naturally web site

An outstanding web-site with powerful healing information for curing cancer.  Lots of great information on healing methods.  Lots of success stories of people who have recovered from cancer using alternative natural healing.

Alternative Cancer Care site

Great writeups on how Stress and Negative Emotions cause cancer. Excellent site for understanding alternative cancer treatment options.  This site has a terrific 11 step description to healing cancer.  First page has an amazing ebook on cancer.  Scroll down to the bottom of the first page for the index to the other pages on this terrific web-site.

Alkalize for Health web site

An excellent source of information and knowledge on alkalizing the body and healing cancer.

National Cancer Research Foundation

A powerful web site with extensive information on healing cancer naturally using a specially designed high powered nutritional supplement called Cellect.  Lots of amazing testimonials of people who successfully beat cancer following this protocol. – Amazing real life Testimonial e-book of using Cancer Herbal Salves to cure stage IV liver and pancreatic cancer (one of the worst cancers).

A website dedicated to healing cancer via herbal salves. Website

A wonderful website by a woman who chose natural methods over conventional treatments to heal her breast cancer.  Lots of excellent information on how she did it and on natural methods.  This site has a Google translator embedded in the webpages so it can be read in a vast number of non-english languages.

Ed “Mr. Oxygen” McCabe’s web site

Ed is the pioneer in the role of Oxygen in health.  He has lots of powerful ideas on this subject.  The lack of Oxygen in the cells is considered one of the causes of cancer.

The Gerson Method cancer healing approach

Dr. Max Gerson was one of the pioneers in detoxification and nutritional approaches to healing cancer. His method was actually almost considered for study by the US Congress.  The Gerson Clinic still operates in Mexico.  The Gerson Method has a very strong rate of success for those who chose to do it.

“Dying to Have Known” –  An in-depth, powerful documentary on the Gerson Method and natural healing of cancer

Dr. Robert Morse – Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Morse is a prolific creator of videos on healing on YouTube and his website has important healing information for cancer.

Chris Beat Cancer web-site

Chris has created a very informative web site on how he was able to avoid post-surgery chemotherapy and become cancer free.

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures video

A fascinating historical and present time documentary on doctors and healers who treated cancer naturally via various approaches with high success rates.  At this YouTube site, you will also see a list of other informative videos on healing cancer naturally.

Renegade Health – Healing Cancer World Summit                                                           

This web site has sponsored a seminar with powerful guest speakers on the subject of healing cancer naturally.

Healing Cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Bicarbonate

Two doctors, one in Italy and one in Brazil have done work to show positive results in healing cancer using Sodium and Magnesium Bicarbonate.

Dr. Sircus in Brazil has written a book called  “Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment” and is now publishing information on the power of Magnesium Bicarbonate on his web-site.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy is using Sodium Bicarbonate to cure cancer in his clinic.

Health Wisdom Website – Dr. Leo Rebello – Ayurvedic Physician in India                                       

A well-known naturally healing physician in India has a very informative web-site on natural healing.  His Doctor’s Oath is quite profound.

Dave Perkins – Stage 4 Cancer Survivor story

Dave Perkins relates his story how he turned to Alternative approaches to successfully cure his cancer conditions after conventional treatments had failed and left him in very rough shape.  He highlights a very extensive healing protocol he used to bring himself back to life.

Bob Wright – American Anti-Cancer Institute

Bob Wright has written a terrific, comprehensive book on how to heal cancer via natural or alternative methods called, “Killing Cancer, not People”.  It is one of the best books on this subject of curing cancer naturally.  He is a leading activist for non-toxic cancer treatments (alternative, natural approaches).

Natural Cancer Treatments that Work – free online downloadable ebook

Cancer Control Society

The Cancer Control Society was formed to disseminate information on curing cancer with Alternative Methods.  They have an annual convention in California and sell information on the web-site. Health “Beat Cancer” comprehensive resource site

An outstanding compilation of Cancer treatment and cancer truth web articles, web sites and videos.

Cure Candida – this web site proposes that many cancers are related to bad out of control Candida infections.  Excellent information and products.

 Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover, ND  – Natural Cures for Cancer

Dr. Hoover has free ebook on Natural Healing of disease including Cancer. website – Doug Kaufman

This website has lots of interesting health information and Doug provides insight into the problems that fungus can cause in the body and the possible relationship to cancer. website

Excellent website full of useful information on a variety of topics concerning alternative cancer treatments.  Has a directory of alternative medical practitioners, links to other cancer healing info web sites and more.

Healing Cancer with Habanero Peppers by Kelly Eidem,  author of “The Doctor Who Cured Cancer”.

Natural Cancer Cures site – by a Cancer survivor

Interesting articles and videos on the subject of Naturally curing cancer.

Natural Treatments for Cancer Blogspot site

Good summaries of various approaches and useful links to more information. Read these quotes from various medical sources to understand the Cancer Industry’s vested interest to suppress Natural Healing methods.

Budwig Center for Healing
A healing center following the principles of Johanna Budwig who invented the Budwig Protocol.

The Raw Food Institute

Runs a program called Kicking Cancer to the Curb and has a number of sensational testimonials of people healing cancer naturally.  A raw food diet is one powerful healing approach that should be considered as part of a natural cancer healing protocol.

This is a comprehensive message board on curing disease naturally.  Lots of useful and powerful information.

Judy Seeger ND Cancer Winners Internet Radio show – great info on detoxing to cure cancer

Jim Humble MMS Heal Disease including Cancer site

Jim Humble discovered MMS and has developed an amazing protocol to cure Cancer and other diseases.

Sam Biser – natural healing researcher

Sam is one of the originators of publishing alternative/natural healing methods for all sorts of diseases including cancer.

Educate-Yourself Website – Cancer and Forbidden Cures Section

This website has a wealth of powerful information on the true nature of cancer and options to heal cancer naturally.           Forbidden Cures section   Cancer Section

Cancer Fighting Strategies Website

Healing Strong Website

An excellent testimonial page of people who have healed cancer using alternative (non-conventional) methods.

Testimonial webpage with success stories of healing cancer naturally.

Main webpage

Emotional Stress Relief for Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis creates enormous amounts of fear, anxiety and stressful emotions.  This must be dealt with and released. These negative emotions will produce all sorts of negative conditions in the body.  Things like the Emotion Code, Yoga, Meditation, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) provide easy to do, low or no cost, and highly effective ways to release tension, stress and stuck negative emotions.

The Emotion Code website:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) website:

There are many websites on the internet that discuss Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Other Web Sites of Interest with powerful healing information:    lots of controversial and alternative news articles; lots of great natural cancer cure and other natural health articles.  Search on the site for “cancer” in the search box in the upper right hand corner.

The following 6 web-sites are a goldmine of great articles on healing cancer naturally or alternatively as well as having lots of information on all sorts of health issues.    search on cancer – great articles in this and the next 5 natural health websites on the page.       search on – cancer     search on –  cancer        search on –  cancer     search on – cancer              search on – cancer                  search on – cancer is a popular site for controversial and alternative news articles,  lots of great natural cancer treatment articles.     – lots of great links on the above web page for articles on the cancer industry and on alternative cancer treatments. Scroll down to the bottom of this web page.

Do-It-Yourself Research approach

The internet is full of interesting, useful and powerful websites that discuss natural cancer healing methods.  Use your favorite search engine and type in key words or phrases.   Be aware that there are websites out on the internet to discourage people from using natural methods by planting seeds of doubt about natural methods or outright mocking or criticizing the natural approaches.    Remember Cancer is a $ 300 billion+ business and every patient who opts out of the system for natural healing is the loss of as much as 100’s of thousands of dollars of business revenue. Most of the information you will probably ever need on healing cancer via natural methods is here through the websites linked on this site or on the additional web links that each of these linked websites provides. The internet will give you access to plenty of additional answers and information you may need on this topic of Natural Treatments for Cancer. Doing a search of key words on or will also produce an interesting array of books on natural healing.  Additionally, YouTube and other video sites have a large variety of online videos about alternative/natural ways to heal cancer and on the topic of natural healing.

German New Medicine

German New Medicine was developed by Dr. Hamer in Germany.  It is a controversial approach as it defines the source of cancer as originating from an emotional shock or traumatic incident.  The cure is to undo or solve the problem created by the shock or incident.  Dr. Hamer was an oncologist who studied over 40,000 CAT scans and noticed a pattern in the CAT Scans on the brain from which he developed his theory that a sudden shock/trauma experienced by a person was the beginnings of a bodily development of cancer growth.  This approach does not require the bio-chemical remedies to correct imbalances and toxicities in the body and is, therefore, labeled as controversial.